Princess Belle is 2

Seems like only yesterday Mandi and I were wishing for a little person to bless our lives. Here we are, 4 years later, and our little Princess is turning 2. She has made the impossible, possible. God has given us such a blessing, and we are truly grateful. And now we will soon be blessed with a little Prince. It’s been a struggle this past year, but God has seen me through.
“Be Still and Know…” -Psalms 46:10


Time is flying…

It seems like only yesterday my wife was pregnant with our daughter. Now, she pregnant with our son, Prince Henry James, and our sweet little Princess will be 2 in October. It’s true, they grow up so fast.

I can’t even believe this year is almost over, so much has happened. Trump became President, who ever saw that coming? I had brain surgery the end of last year, due to a tumor. I’ve been back to work, now, for over 3 months. I started back to College 3 weeks ago. Time flies when you’re having fun, at least most of it was fun.

Life is strange, exciting, beautiful, and terrifying all at once some times. However, we must see the good in all this, and never result to hate, nor violence. This isn’t our world anymore, it’s our children’s. We must teach them the right things, and not make them afraid to make something of themselves. All things are possible with a little, or a lot,  of work. If you want it bad enough, eventually you will get it. Might not always be exactly as planned, but you will get it. 

Blessings to all

Happy Daddy Jess

The Winds of Change

A lot has changed since my last post, and I apologize for not writing sooner but brain surgery recovery is no joke. So we will start off by saying that everything went well with my surgery, I had my 6 month MRI and the rest of the tumor is shrinking. Instead of having an MRI every 6 months, I can now just have them once a year.

Annabelle is getting bigger, goofier, and just plain silly, at times. I still cant believe that she will be 2 coming this October. Her mom has been working with her with numbers and letters. She is doing, surprisingly, well.

We are expecting our second little bundle of joy in Dec. we find out that its a boy, hehehe, next Saturday. Either a boy or a girl, I’m still excited. I was meant to be a daddy. I Love it.

My mother and Father have been encouraging me to go back to school and finish my degree. So with my time off, I applied to West Georgia and got accepted. I will probably stick to online classes, but I’m excited to get started this fall. Psychology and Business will be what I’m trying to achieve.

Ive been back to work now for over a month, and it seems to be going well. I did pickup an extra shift last week, on my day off. By Sunday, I was mental exhausted and a wave of depression came out of no where. I’m doing good now, I thin I just over did it taking that extra shift when I should have just rested.

Other than that everything is going great, its nice to have such a supportive family and friends to lift you up, and keep you moving.

Till next time,

Happy Daddy Jess

“Live, Love, and Learn”

4 weeks

It’s been 4 weeks now since my surgery. Everyday I’m getting better and better. Little to no pain, vision is still off but improvement, still weak on my left side but getting better, numb on my left side of my face but I feel the nerves trying to work.  All in all I’m improving little by little. 

I still get the anxiety of waiting for the surgery, but it’s over and done with. It’s a strange feeling, but it’s a good feeling. I just want to feel normal again, and I will in due time. 

My wife has been there for me through the whole thing, and I know she has had a lot on her plate, with our daughter, getting over an ear infection, and now my situation, but she is strong a woman and will see through all of this. I’m trying to do as much as I can to help now that I have no restrictions on my activity. However, my vision and weakness make it hard for me to do simple things. But I try my best, whether taking care of my Princess or doing chores around the house. I know she appreciates it like I appreciate everything she does everyday.

Happy Daddy Jess

This too shall pass…

​I have been reluctant to even post anything pertaining to my current situation, but I feel that it is better to talk about it then to keep it in. I feel defeated, I feel useless, and above all I feel that I’ve been a let down. Even though I’ve had my family tell me these feelings aren’t true and that it was nothing I did that caused this to happen, I still feel some what responsible. 

I will start at the beginning…

In 2008, I was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma, a tumor near my ear the size of a small nail head. My doctor and the neurologist said that it was nothing to worry about, and that it would never cause any problems. Fast forward to 2014, I was in constant pain in my neck and really didn’t think of anything of it. Still in pain February of 2015, I was told to go to the chiropractor and get an adjustment. That was something I normally would do, but this time was different. The pain never went away. I took pain relievers and that was that. 

Early September 2016 I lost heat and cold sensation in the right side of my body. I, like everyone else, thought it was a pinched nerve. As time went on, the symptoms got worse. Even though I continued to tell myself that it was just a pinched nerve, it never seemed to be just that. My vision became skewed, making it very hard for me to walk. I was constantly dizzy, all the time.

It was October 24th, half way through my shift at work, we had a meeting with the mangers, like we do every once in a while. As I sat there I remember thinking about how unsteady I was, so as I sat on the chair I propped my right hand on a box near my side. Not thinking that anyone noticed, but they all noticed. I was on my way out of the meeting and had to stop for a moment, because the room began to spin. That was when my co worker came up behind me and asked me if I was OK, I knew something wasn’t right but I replied I’m fine I just need a minute. She said no you are not alright you need to sit down. At that time the store manager was behind me and helped me to the breakroom.

Everyone told me that I needed to go to the emergency room. I called my mom, since my car’s battery had died. And she said we were going to the hospital. Everything from that point on was fast paced and non stop. 

I was transferred to Emory university hospital, and that is when the seriousness of my condition became clear. What had started out as a acoustic neuroma the size of a small nail head had significantly grown to a tumor the size of a peach or my fist. Not only was it larger, it was also pressing up against my brain and pushing my brain stem out of the way. And that is where all my symptoms have come from.

It is still unreal to me that this is happening, I’m going to have brain surgery. I can not drive, nor can I work. My surgery date is December 22nd, but hopefully something opens up and it will be sooner than later. So 6 weeks before surgery, 6-8 weeks of recovery after surgery. 

So, in a nut shell…

I have a brain tumor, it is not cancer. And surgery right before Christmas, and yes, I will be in the hospital for Christmas and possibly New Years. Prayers are always welcome, and any other way you want or can help please contact myself or my wife. Thank you, this is a lot to take in. But this too shall pass…

Happy Daddy Jess

Belle is 1

Her Birthday weekend was nothing short than crazy. Her mother and I were non stop until Sunday came. Belle, herself, had a very eventful weekend as well. Walking around the house looking at all the Halloween party decorations and saying, “Partee.” It was an emotional but fun time shared by many of her friends, my family, and some of Mandi’s friends. 

Smash cake pictures by Michele Nowak

All in all, it was a good time. She enjoyed it, and so did we. It’s exciting to see her grow but at the same time sad that shes no longer that tiny baby we brought home a year ago. 

Happy Daddy Jess